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Identifying the Best Orthopedic Surgeon Even Without Meeting Him

Patients who need surgery on their joints are usually referred to orthopedic surgeons to by their primary care doctors. While some patients accede to the referral with no hesitation, you can actually go to an orthopedic doctor of your choice.

Choosing the right surgeon for your joint problems can be done without mistake even if you have not had previous surgery or you may not have any recommendation from someone close to you. By doing the following tips, you can assure yourself of a topnotch surgical procedure that you will be thankful for the rest of your life.

Review Customer Feedbacks

As much as possible, you should read customer reviews. In the end, you will have an idea on the quality of services offered. For sure, past patients who are satisfied with how his surgery has turned out will give a positive review while the ones who think otherwise will react negatively. To ensure the veracity of the reviews, you can get out on your way and personally ask past patients on their experience before, during and after the surgery.

With all the feedbacks, you may be able to deduce the right surgeon for you as some patients will not only be talking on how the surgery was performed competently, but some will be speaking on various aspects like punctuality, friendliness, time management, and others like eagerness to answer questions.

Compare Portfolios

By visiting the website of different orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Haleem Chaudhary, you will have an idea on their educational and professional history and other tantamount data. An impressive credential should include various certifications, awards, memberships, affiliations, and others.

Certifications are proofs that the surgeon has undergone advanced studies and trainings while awards are given out for outstanding performance in the medical profession. Memberships and affiliations to esteemed national organization show the respect he is accorded by his peers in the industry.

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Credibility Check

Websites are not the only source of information about surgeons you are considering to administer surgery on your affected body part. Look for other sources of information that may give you additional details such as incidence of malpractice or disciplinary actions filed against the surgeon from past clients or from professional governing bodies and organizations in which he is a member.

The number of years in the profession without having any history of malpractice and disciplinary actions speaks volume of the high quality of service the surgeon has been giving to his clients.

Facility Check

The surgical facility should be well-equipped and efficiently managed. There should be a complete set of state-of-the-art surgical devices, the use of the safest materials and the most modern approaches.

A final check on the environment including the physical set-up and personnel before you check in as a patient is necessary. The facility should be patient-friendly and so does the clinical staff. They are very critical during your recovery.