Easy Exercises for Beginners

Have you ever wondered why some people would sacrifice a lot of their time going to the gym? Or maybe it fazes you on how some people can go straight to the gym after work to workout? If so, you’re going to be surprised that there’s a lot of benefits of working out, starting from feeling better to the point where you’ll wake up feeling refreshed in the next morning, if you do it routinely of course. So, if you’re thinking to do some exercise, give this article a try. We’re going to hand out a list of easy activities that you can do for some workout, perfect for beginners!


Believe it or not, jogging is one of the most comfortable workouts that you can do, like taking a light run in the park. If you’re not used to exercises, do it for fifteen minutes, at least this will make your body get used to the physical activity. At the same time, this is an activity that you can do with your friend, neighbor or even your parents because jogging is good for your whole body. Make sure to put your shoes to avoid any injuries like blisters.


If you have a pool, but you’re not swimming on it, what are you doing? Swimming is another great exercise that you can do, and also a great way to cool down on a hot summer day. There’s a lot of benefits in swimming such as building muscle, endurance, and lungs, perfect if you’re a singer. Like jogging, swimming also gives you an all-over body workout, which is a great thing for beginners who don’t want to complicate things in working out. If it’s a hot summer day, don’t forget to put on some waterproof sunscreen if you’re planning to swim for more than half an hour.


yogaIf you don’t have access to a park for jogging nor a pool for swimming, why not try yoga? Yoga is probably the cheapest and the most accessible alternative that you can do because all you need is some space and a yoga mat. Not proficient in yoga? Don’t worry because we have to start somewhere. If you never did yoga before, open your laptop and look for yoga videos, we dare to be that there’s a lot of easy yoga videos which is perfect for beginners who’s starting out.